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October 02, 2006



It arrived. Its delicious. All is right with the world.

A. C. Hynes

Howdy, it took me a bit to find the link to the actual Roasters web site, then once there, it took too long to find the "Order Coffee Online" thing in the left sidebar -- which turns out not to be a link, and the link directly under it is a link to my empty "shopping cart", which is a bit of a dead end. Ahh, turns out the beans are in the *right* sidebar! Not so bad, then, but still not very clear.

Of course you don't want to be annoyingly lurid or vulgar about it, but after all, you're here to sell coffee beans, and customers are here to buy them -- or at least contemplate it. No need to be coy!

It would be a win for everybody if the link(s) to the main purpose of the site were more prominent or at least visually distinct from the other links, I think.


Yes, I see what you mean about the "Order Online" tab on the website; we'll fix that. And perhaps put a more obvious conduit from the blog (which we'd assumed folks would come to second, but google seems to have other ideas) to the website.
Thanks for the suggestions.

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