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September 27, 2006


Jackie Danicki

It was Frankie Goes to Hollywood!


It was! Thank goodness for young brains...

Andrew Breitbart

Yes, it was Frankie Goes to Hollywood, but the Untouchables were the opening act. If anyone knows the young lady in question who was at Irvine Amphitheater in 1985 and who fell in the 'mosh pit' area and elected to start making out (and then some!) with the guy who saved her from being trampled, tell her I said, 'Hi.' And don't tell her this in front of her husband or her kids.

Andrew Breitbart

And may I recommend Frankie's 'Welcome to the Pleasure Dome'? It really does hold up 20-plus years later. I'd recommend listening while sipping Sumatra Mandheling PWN Grade 1.


you must try this


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