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September 14, 2006



god, this might be a long post. here goes.

i'm looking for some tea products to purchase for my mom for mother's day, and since she particularly likes your tea, i hopped on over to this site. but, alas, no teaishness for sale here.

so i'm strolling thru the posts to see what i can find out and i see this one. and i consult my inner calendar and realize that i was there on your one year birthday, but had no idea then. i was 41 wks pregnant, and giving myself little treats on daily walks with the dogs to keep on trucking. we'd read about ristretto and wanted to try it, so finally we did. we ate a scrumptious berry scone and a fabu french toast brioche with our decaf americanos. we also grabbed the baker's card which said "Esti Pop", and we liked the name instantly.

next day, i was still pregnant-- that's 41 wks and 1 day if you are counting-- and went to see an acupuncturist to get labor going. it worked and a few days later a little sweetie arrived. at that point we were still rather undecided about names, and rather taken with Esti, as well as with her pastries.

seven months later, your esti is gone but our little esti still lives with us. knowing this all started on your birthday makes the story a little sweeter. i'll always have fond memories of ristretto.

thanks, patty


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