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May 07, 2006



Two things:

1) Bonnie is allergic to all dairy (an allergy she did not develop until her 30s, I believe, and which such a wonderful woman does not deserve), hence her fear of butter. She gets a horrible red rash all over if she has dairy, so you can imagine how good this cake must be if she was willing to risk suffering that for a tiny bite.

2) My father is a very literate guy, and will be really annoyed that his intentionally lame misspelling of 'clamoring' (with accompanying intentionally lame punctuation) might be taken as complete idiocy by readers of this blog. (My favourite intentionally lame spelling incident with my dad was when I was a teenager and was sent on a Mexican food run for our family and a house full of my brother's friends. My dad had written down the order for me, and when I pulled it out of my pocket, I saw that he'd spelled 'tacos' as 'talko's' and 'nachos' as 'natch-os'. Okay, you had to be there, but trust me, it was funny.)


Actually, the misspelling is both your dad's AND mine: he had, "clammering," I changed it to "clammoring"...
Changing again...

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